Kingston Water Department

Water / Sewer 

Policies and Procedures


Table of Contents

Section 1.1  Accounts Collection Policy

Section 2.1  Anti-Nepotism Policy

Section 3.1  Automatic Bank Draft Policy

Section 4.1  Bad Debt Write-Off Policy

Section 5.1  Billing and Payment Policy

Section 5.2  Collecting for Other Services

Section 6.1  Capitalization-Fixed Asset Policy

Section 7.1  Cell Phone Use in City Vehicles Policy

Section 8.1  Code of Ethics

Section 9.1  Credit Card Payment Policy

Section 10.1  Cross Connection Policy

Section 11.1  Customer Fees/Rates/Charges Policy

Section 12.1  Discontinuance of Service (Cut-Offs) Policy

Section 13.1  Eminent Domain

Section 14.1  Fire Hydrant Use Policy

Section 14.2  Fire Lines Policy

Section 15.1  Identity Theft Prevention Program

Section 16.1  Non-Discrimination Policy

Section 17.1  Public Records / Utility Records Policy

Section 18.1  Returned Check / Bank Draft Policy

Section 19.1  Subdivisions and Developers Policy

Section 20.1  Substance Abuse Policy

Section 21.1  Surplus Property Disposal

Section 22.1  Tap and Meter Policy

Section 23.1  Theft of Service Policy

Section 24.1  Unclaimed Property Policy

Section 25.1  Utility Line Extension Policy

Section 26.1  Vehicle Use Policy

Section 27.1  Water / Sewer Adjustment Policy

Section 28.1  Outside City Sewer Service Policy

Section 29.1  Fat-Oil-Grease (FOG) Reduction and Removal Policy

Section 30  Appendices

Emergency Plan-Please call office for this document

Risk and Resilience Assessments (Current)

Drug-Free Workplace Forms

Cross Connection Survey

Degree of Hazards

Well User Agreement of Non-Use or Connection to the Public Water Supply

Backflow Incident Report Form

State Guidance Forms

Backflow Prevention Assembly Performance Evaluations

Certificate of Competency for Testing and Evaluating Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Lawn Irrigation Systems

Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Rate/Fee Schedules

Customer Contract Form

Standard Water Specifications

Standard Sewer Specifications

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