The City of Kingston Water System utilizes 2 separate and very different Source Waters within the Distribution System to provide for our Customers. The Surface Water Source is The Tennessee River which receives treatment at The Kingston Water Treatment Plant, which is a “Conventional” 2.3 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) Dual Media High Rate Filtration Plant. Our Ground Water Source is the Swan Pond Spring, which is a Cambrian-Ordovician-Carbonate Aquifer (True Ground Water not under the influence of Surface Waters) which averages almost .5 MGD.

*Our Mission To strive to meet the constant and ever changing demands of the community we serve by providing safe, high quality drinking water in the desired and adequate quantities to each of our customers and at every tap.

We ask that all of our customers help us protect our precious water sources, which are the heart of our community, our way of life, and our children’s future.

*Our Goal is to Supply Safe Water to each and every customer under all foreseeable circumstances.

NOTE: We have established and utilize an active and on-going Cross Connection Control Program. Only Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies are Permitted. Regular maintenance, Annual Inspection and Approval are required.

Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800) 426-4791

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